RV Repair St George Utah

Auto Matrixx has been helping people with their auto collision repair since 2007, and now we are happy to announce that we are adding RV Repair St George Utah to our available services.

RVs, which include motorhomes and camping trailers, are becoming increasingly popular in Southern Utah thanks to our wonderful climate, and all the beautiful, natural sites that exist both within our borders and in the nearby states of Arizona and Nevada. These recreational vehicles are nice because they allow travelers and visitors to bring some of the commodities and comforts of home with them as they sightsee. However, due to their size, RVs take some getting used to, both for the driver and for other vehicle operators on the road. Accidents happen with RVs just like they do with other vehicles, and with those accidents comes the need for repairs.

How do I know if Auto Matrixx can help me?

If you are visiting this page on RV Repair St George Utah, then chances are good that you have an RV and are looking for help fixing it up. Auto Matrixx could be just the shop for you! With just a little more information about what kind of RV you have and what damage has been done to it, we can help you determine if we are the best fit for your RV repair needs. To better serve you, we have supplied some additional information below to help you know beforehand if Auto Matrixx is the best fit for your needs.

What is your RV made out of?

While there are many different styles and builds of motorhomes and trailers that are classified as RVs the three most common materials that are used to make their bodies are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. At Auto Matrixx we currently only do fiberglass repair. However, no matter what the issue is, we are happy to talk to you about it and see if there is something we can do to help you out.

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass was first invented in the early 1930’s as a type of thermal building insulation by Games Slayter. In the nearly a hundred years since its creation it has been used in hundreds of different products including sport bleachers and equipment, archery equipment, medical casts, tent poles, automobile and boat bodies, roofing panels, and more. In more recent years it has also become one of the main elements that RVs are made out of as well. While not all RVs are made out of fiberglass (some are made from aluminum and other materials), the majority of newer RVs are using fiberglass in different parts of their design because it gives them a few different benefits.

While Aluminum is known for being a lightweight metal, fiberglass is lighter still. Less weight means better fuel gains and efficiency. Despite its lightweight nature, fiberglass is known for its strength and structural integrity. Its unique makeup helps the shocks and vibrations that happen while your vehicle is on the road, while still readily supplying support for the framework.

Unlike wood and steel which are known to rot or rust respectfully when exposed to the elements, fiberglass has been known to hold up better under the elements, fiberglass is resistant to UV rays and water. So not only will your exterior finish last longer under the sun, it is also less prone to developing leaks.

Another reason my RV manufactures love fiberglass is that it can be made into very sleek, smooth shapes which allow your vehicle to be more aerodynamic. Since this improves your vehicle’s performance, it is common for roofs or the front end of trailers to be made from fiberglass because their forms can cut down on wind resistance.

As amazing as all of the previously mentioned perks are, the best part about fiberglass is that it is repairable. In the majority of instances, if wood and aluminum is damaged, it has to be replaced. On the other hand, fiberglass can be patched, and with a professional RV repair it is hard to tell there was ever any damage. Of course there are exceptions to this, such as when the accident causes damage to the actual structure of the RV. However, if you have a hole, crack or other simple damage that has been done to your RV’s exterior, Auto Matrixx is positive that our RV Repair St George Utah Services can fix it.

Professional Fiberglass RV Repair St George Utah

If you are a camper then you probably have a fairly developed sense of self-sufficiency and have done a few DYI projects in your time. Fiberglass repair, as with most things connected to automobiles, is something that if you have the proper tools, supplies, facilities and experience that you could do on your own. However, if you are lacking any one of these key elements then it is highly recommended that you have a professional do your fiberglass RV Repair St George Utah.

Benefits of Fiberglass Rv Repair

Here are just a few of the many reasons why having Auto Matrixx do your fiberglass repair will be beneficial to you.

Fiberglass repair jobs involve the use of different chemical compounds that can be harmful to touch or inhale. At Auto Matrixx we have trained professionals who are familiar with these different substances and already know how to properly protect themselves. We also have the proper safety equipment, including gloves, respirator masks, eye protection, and so on that will enable our guy to be able to safely handle the materials, and get the job done right. It is imperative that these materials be handled properly, and having them out where children or animals may come in accidental contact with them is a hazard that you don’t want to be responsible for.

When doing a fiberglass RV repair St George Utah service, our professionals at Auto Matrixx strive for impeccable results. As one of the main functions of using fiberglass in RVs is to diminish wind resistance, it is important that the hole, crack, or scratch in your RV’s exterior isn’t just patched, but is smoothed as well. You want a repair that will match the contours of your RV, otherwise you risk losing aerodynamics. Additionally, having a poor patch job reduces the aesthetic appeal of your RV’s exterior. At Auto Matrixx, we take special care in making sure that when we are done your RV looks as close to its original shape and form as possible.

We not only have the necessary know-how on the best way to do fiberglass rv repair jobs, but we also are already equipped with the proper tools and facilities to facilitate the process. This not only saves you the time and money it would take to find and purchase the needed materials, but also saves you the time and effort of learning how to use them. Very rarely is something done perfectly the first time it is attempted and RV repair St George Utah jobs are no different.
Fiberglass repair is a messy and time-sensitive process. If steps aren’t followed in the proper time frame then supplies may dry out and harden, and result in wasted materials, or insufficient patch jobs. At Auto Matrixx we have an established process to make sure that from the beginning to the end we are being as efficient as possible with your RV repair St George Utah service.

RV Paint Services

Auto Matrixx has one of the best auto paint facilities in St George, Utah. We can match any color, and now those professional paint services are available for RVs.

How do RV Paint Services apply to our RV Repair St George Utah Services?

The answer is simple, and pretty awesome. Since we have the equipment and facilities we can go a step further than our competitors by not only repairing the fiberglass, but the paint job too. With Auto Matrixx RV Paint services your RV can look brand new once again.

Different types of RV Paint services:

No matter how minimal the scratch, crack or other damage that has been done to your RV’s exterior, there is going to be missing paint once the repair patch has been applied. At Auto Mattrixx we have the capability to spot paint, meaning that we can match the specific color of your RV, and mix up a precise quantity of paint to cover the damaged portion, as well as any other areas where the paint has been damaged. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to get an entire new paint job to enjoy the benefits of having a complete paint job again.

Whether it is because the area of damage is larger or because you are wanting a new color for your RV, Auto Matrixx has you covered with our Section Spraying RV Paint services. We can paint the whole exterior, excluding the windows of course, which not only makes your RV feel more personalized, but also can extend its life expectancy and increase its resale value.

The Benefits of RV Exterior Paint Jobs

One of the benefits of an RV over a tent is that an RV is better insulated from the elements. Your RV’s paint acts as the first layer of protection both to your vehicle and to you. It is, in a sense, like your top layer of skin, and just like how your skin gets damaged by sun, scratches, and bumps, your RV’s paint job does as well. Even the process of washing your RV can cause eventual wear to your paint job. Since this important layer can’t grow itself back, the only answer is to periodically repaint your RV. At Auto Matrixx, our RV repair St George services include spot painting, and section spraying. No matter how big or small the area is that you need repainted, we have the facilities and expertise to get it done.

Another benefit of our RV exterior paint services is that they allow you to personalize the exterior of your RV. Whether that means you want the original style of paint job back for resale, or that you want to change it to something that you find more appealing, the benefits of an exterior paint job for your home away from home are many. What you drive and tow sends a message to those around you, and having a trailer or motorhome that looks new and prestines sends the message that you care about life.

Fiberglass RVs are known to be easier to clean than aluminum because the sleek fiberglass forms allow for dirt and debris to slip off during a wash. However, as paint ages it often becomes cracked and flakey, and tends to come off during washes. This, of course, creates more areas of exposure, which increases the risk of potential damage to the actual structure of your RV.

We can also do more than just solid colors, so if you want to spice up your life with some snazzy flames, brighten the world around you with flowers, or disappear into the shadows of the trees with some sick camouflage, Auto Matrixx can do it all.

By periodically getting your RV spot treated, or getting a new paint job all together, you can ensure that the surface of your exterior walls and roof remain smooth and unbroken, allowing the water and soap that keeps your RV shiny and clean to run off of the outside instead of running into the inside.

Auto Matrixx is excited to be able to once again serve our RV using friends again. We hope to continue to expand on the services that we have available for RVs in the near future. If you have questions about our RV Repair St George Utah services please contact us at 435-218-3375