#1 Best auto paint St George Utah

There’s just something about Americans and their cars that we can’t get enough of.

Do you love your car?

The bond that some people have with their car is something special. Some might say it’s similar to how they feel about the family pet, and others might say it is similar to the love that they have for their child, or a good friend. Why is it that we, as Americans, care about our cars so much? The answer is simple. Our cars take care of us, take us where we need to go, and make our lives so much easier than they would be without them. In addition to this, out of everything we own, our cars generally require more attention and maintenance than other possessions to keep them working, and looking good. Care and concern grow through association, and so it is only natural that we grow to love the things that we spend our time with.  Hansen’s Auto Matrixx respects this connection between Americans and their vehicles, which is why we sport the best services in auto paint St George Utah has to offer.

Time hits hard

Whether you bought your car fresh off of the lot or second hand from your neighbor, it doesn’t matter, give it a year and your car will have battle scars. Our cars defend us from fender benders, careless shoppers, the curbs that “definitely weren’t there yesterday,” and many more dangers everyday. Much like a medieval knight’s shield, our car’s outer body defends us, and you know what? These daily battles add up. Scratches in the paint become rust spots, dings become dents, and all too soon this protective barrier that our cars provide starts to be less and less secure.

Just like how knights frequently repaired their shields and armor, it is important to the well being of your vehicle to repair and repaint its body. Combat the effects of time with Hansen’s Auto Matrixx’s auto paint St George Utah, and keep your car, you, and your family safer.

Vehicle Image says a lot about you

We as people tend to judge each other by what we drive, and even more so by how what we drive is maintained. Yet, in the busy grind of the work day, it is easy to forget to look and see what the status of a vehicle’s exterior is. You know who does notice though? Everyone else. That’s right, other people are more likely to notice damage to your vehicle than you are.

Don’t believe us? Ask yourself how many times someone else has alerted you to the fact that one of your vehicle’s lights was out, or left on.

Luckily for you, we at Hansen’s Auto Matrixx are other people and we are professionals in automobile exterior care. Not only are we the best option for auto paint St George Utah, but we also do auto body repair. So if your image as a vehicle owner is suffering from a damaged fender, or an old paint job, contact us today and let us help you give your car the care that it deserves.

Benefits of Auto Painting

Your car, and by association you, will look better. Why do we brush our hair, and put on clean clothes every morning before leaving the house? Because we want to look good. Looking good helps us feel good, and with auto paint St George Utah you can get a paint job for your car. 

Color is important
It is believed that colors influence our mood and how we feel. This varies from person to person based on individual experience, but one thing stays the same: We all have colors that we like better than others. 

Which begs the question: Is your car the right color for you?

Not sure? Then ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What emotion does your vehicle’s paint job inspire in you?
  2. Have you ever wished that it was a different color?
  3. How would your feelings about your vehicle change if you could change its color?


We can’t answer these questions for you, but we can answer questions about colors. At Hansen’s Auto Matrixx we can match almost any color, so whether you love the color you have, or want a color you love, we have your auto paint St George Utah needs covered.

Protect from rust

While newer cars are using a lot more plastic than what was originally used in automobile manufacturing, metal, specifically steel, is still the main material used to build cars. Steel is an alloy (mixture of metals) who’s main component is iron. While steel is much stronger than iron, it, like its parent metal, is prone to rusting if not treated properly. Rust will eat away at the metal over time like a cavity in a tooth, creating holes and weakening the structural integrity of the steel.

To avoid this, and prolong your vehicle’s life, cars are painted. The coating of paint keeps the elements from direct contact with the metal, and makes it hard for rust to develop. This is why even small scratches in the paint job, and old or flakey paint are issues that need to be paid attention to. They may be small now, but if they aren’t taken care they can become chinks in your vehicle’s armor, and once rust starts to develope it will cause damage.

One of the benefits of the new coat with auto paint st george is that part of the process of applying new paint is cleaning the area where the old paint was. Rust, dirt, and other imperfections to the surface are removed before the metal is retreated and painted. This ensures that nothing is caught underneath the paint that can cause damage to continue to spread to your vehicle’s body.

At Auto Matrix St George Auto Body, we have the facility to properly clean, retreat, and paint your vehicle. It is extremely important that proper care is taken to make sure the surface is free of rust before applying new paint, otherwise your vehicle will risk having the rust continue to spread beneath the new coating, continuing to cause damage to your vehicle. We understand that it is tempting to try and paint your vehicle yourself, but we invite you to consider letting the professionals help you. Your car is worth it.

Our Auto Painting St George Utah Services Include:

Here at Hansen’s Auto Matrixx we have over 40 years of experience in the auto paint industry. Our staff is knowledgeable and willing to help you with whatever you need. Our customer service is above reproach and can’t wait to give you the honest service that everyone deserves when getting their auto’s painted.

Have a color you want, but don’t know the name? No worries. We can color match almost any color to help you get the color you want.

Do you have a personalized design in mind? We would love to help you make it.

Whether it’s because the paint was damaged, or because you want something new, we have you covered.

With our color matching skills we can match almost anything, so those scratches can finally disappear.

These baby dents like to glint in the sunlight and attract attention to themselves. With a little paint we can get rid of them.

Do you have a section of your coat that is flakey or worn through? No worries, we can touch it up to match the rest of your ride, and make it seem brand new.

This part is just as vital as the actual paint in keeping your vehicle’s body rust free.

Worry not. We work with all insurance companies, we’d love to see how we can help!

Bringing Resell Profitability

Are you hoping to sell your vehicle soon and are looking for a possible way to boost its market value? While it isn’t always the case, it is possible with good condition vehicles to boost their market value by adding a new coat of paint. The reason for this is that a new coat of paint will increase your car’s durability to weather, make it look nice, and bring it closer to its original value. Paint jobs suffer over time, and a new paint job can bring new life into your vehicle.

If this is your primary reason for considering a new paint job with auto paint St George Utah we recommend that you research the market value of your vehicle beforehand to see if it is worth it.

A paint job will not make a broken car run or sell.

Fall in love with your car again

Do you have an old car or a love for old cars? Or perhaps your newer car has been with you for a couple of years and is beginning to feel old. Do you find yourself looking at other cars as they pass by and wondering, “Why aren’t I driving that?”

Whether you are an antique car enthusiast or just not satisfied with your current vehicle’s appearance, we invite you to contact us at Hansen’s Auto Matrixx and ask about auto paint St George Utah and what it can do for you.

Got in wreck?

We sure hope not. But if you have, and your vehicle is suffering from the after effects, we invite you to give us a call.

Paint jobs rarely walk away unscathed from a wreck, and nobody wants to be reminded of frightening and tragic times whenever they see their vehicle. Getting auto paint after a wreck can be a hassle, so if you’re in that unfortunate situation where you need to get your car back to looking perfect, we can certainly help with that as well. We are able to work with your insurance companies to get the details ironed out.

Sometimes whole pieces or parts of vehicles have to be replaced, and the new parts almost never match the color of the vehicle that they are repairing. We are well versed in color matching and are usually able to get the right match so no one will be able to know anything ever happened to it. So whether your whole vehicle needs to be repainted, you just need a touch up, or you have a new part that you want to match the rest of your car, we can touch it up with auto paint St George Utah.

Protect your car

Your car’s finish does more than just make you look good, it’s also what protects it from the elements, what protects the metal underneath so that it lasts much longer. It keeps water and other corrosive agents at bay so they can’t eat away at your frame or structure. If a scratch isn’t taken care of it can quickly become a rust spot, which makes for a much larger issue down the road. That’s why making certain the auto paint job is done right the first time is so critical for you, and something we pride ourselves on accomplishing.

Just like you wouldn’t want an amateur mechanic working on your car’s interior, we know that you want to have confidence in those that are working on the exterior as well. Hansen’s Auto Matrixx has the skills and professionalism to meet all your auto painting St George Utah needs. So don’t hesitate. Give us a call today.