Collision Repair

Here at Auto Matrixx we have spent countless years perfecting our craft and our ability to provide the best and most complete collision repair in St George and southern Utah. We treat every car or truck we repair as if it was our own, because we understand that just like us an automobile is a major investment that must be taken care of if it’s going to last. This motivates us to take our service and support above and beyond what most other collision repair facilities are willing to do. If we can’t do it perfectly, then we don’t want to do it.

Restored to Pre Collision condition

We often hear the stories from people who’ve had terrible experiences with other auto collision repair shops, and push ourselves to make certain we never become a story told of a bad experience. We make certain our prices are competitive and reasonable, but likewise we stand behind our product, our service and the car you’ll get back after we’ve fixed it following a car collision. We aren’t beholden to an insurance company, they don’t call all of the shots for what repairs need to get done, you do. That’s how we treat our customers, we’re working for your interests because you’re the one who has to drive the vehicle, we don’t just work for a paycheck.

The art of the perfect collision repair it to remember what it looked like before the accident. Then look forward to the finished product being just that, your old car back as good as new. Both mechanically and aesthetically as well. We accomplish this through the use of the best and finest mechanical parts, having the best technicians who are certified to work on your vehicle, and striving to be perfect on every vehicle we work on. It doesn’t matter if the repair is big or small, the scope of it doesn’t matter, we’ll treat you as if you’re our only customer when you’re here. We’ve invested in the finest tools and technicians available that allow our highly skilled technicians to not only be fast, but efficient and cost effective as well.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get your automobile back on the road at a fair price, riding in the vehicle you remember driving off the lot. Feel free to contact us and ask us any questions you would like. We’re here to help you through the at times frustrating aspect of St George auto collision repairs.